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Welcome to my blog

Alfred Simon - Founder of Pitcocy


My name is Alfred Simon and I am the founder of Pitcocy. I work in the field of digital marketing since 2015. I love everything about Google Ads and Tag Manager. 

I created this blog to provide quality Google Ads & Tag Manager tutorials and breakdowns to help & connect with fellow PPC specialists.

Besides this project, I work at Adwise - Your Digital Brain, one of the best digital agencies in The Netherlands.


Well, when someone loves what they do you can't have enough of it. Feel free to ask me anything and connect on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

Learn more about advertising on Google Ads

Read through the latest tutorials and become better at Google Ads. I will cover all the essential topics, the latest changes, news, and industry best practices.

Up-to-date industry best practices and latest news and changes to the platform

How to create a working PPC Strategy that suits different businesses 

Account setup and management. To make sure that you reach your goals in the most optimal way.

Google Ads Tutorials

Learn more about tracking and data

Data tracking and analytics are the foundation of every business. Check out my tutorials and step-by-step guides to master Google Tag Manager & download Data Studio templates. 

Learn how to implement conversion & event tracking (Meta, Google Ads etc)

Creative Tag Manager solutions to make your data collection better and cleaner.

Download Looker studio templates to visualize your data. 

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