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Google Ads Campaign setup

Do you want to learn more about Google AdsGoogle Tag Manager?

Maximize your profits with new tips & tricks!

Increase your website traffic and get more sales or lead actions using Google Ads. 

Measure the correct data and use the right tracking to not miss any insights using
Google Tag Manager.

Learn more about the world of PPC marketing and data collection through my blog. I share valuable guides and breakdowns about Google Ads strategy, conversion tracking, and data collection.

Google Ads Tutorials

Learn more from my strategy breakdowns and case studies, or read the Google Ads tutorials or step-by-step guides. You will find everything from beginner level up to advanced. 

Google Tag Manager Tutorials

Master the beauty of conversion tracking and data collection. Without data, there is no correct decision. Visit my basic or advanced Google Tag Manager guides and fall in love with the world of data. 

PPC Strategy

Creating a strategy that fits your business plan and budget

Tracking & Data

Tracking implementation and data collection


Account setup and management. Based on industry best practices

PPC Consultation

How to become a better PPC expert and help your clients or scale 
your business

Things that I discuss on this blog

Clients who trust me.

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